Chorés&Style Danse Musique/Style zic Nbre Temps /Murs- 



Ghost town Ghost Town-Sam Outlaw 32/4 1R VIDEO
Clear Isabel Clear Isabel - Aaron Watson 32/4 1R VIDEO
Little honky tonk bar PC Every Honky Tonk Bar/George Strait 32/4  1T Vidéo
By and by By&By - Olson Bros Band 32/4 1T Vidéo
Operator operator Opérator-Eddy Raven 32/4 VIDEO
Dare to dance (PC) Do You Feel What a feell -Thomas kaya 32/4 video
Little miss hayley jo (PC) Haley Jo (Derek Ryan) 32/4 VIDEO
I close my eyes Ich mach meine augen zu (Chris Norman) 32/4 2R VIDEO
These old boots (PC) These old boots (Aaron Watson) 32/4 video
Keep it simple Keep it simple (James B.Band) 32/4 video
By the numbers Heartaches by the Number (Ray Price) 32/2 4T VIDEO
Knockin boots(A.Marraffa) Knockin'Boots (Luke Bryan) 32/4 1R VIDEO
Budapest (nostalgie) Tobias Jentzch 32/4 3T1F video